Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tehelka apologizes for smearing Shanti Bhushan; clarifies facts on land controversy

Tehelka Clarifies: The smears. And the facts about the Bhushans.

Thank you very much for doing the right thing, Tehelka.  You are the only India based news site on my Link List: PC Recommends.  I expect better from you.

Now will the rest of the irresponsible unprofessional prejudiced sections of the Indian media follow suit?  (I'm looking at you News X.) At this point, for this issue, I think that's pretty much everybody except Times Now.

If you're about to say what about NDTV, I take it you haven't seen Milking Fake Tweets yet?  I suppose we know CNN-IBN is kosher because they host Kiran Bedi ads.


Ram A Singh said...

This is same first abuse then apologize. When Tahelka understood that their smear campaign not going to harm the Janlokpal Bill they eaten their world. Tahelka is known for anti Indian stand. www.maibolunga.blogspot.com

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