Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baba Ramdev = Anna Hazare plus shameless self promotion ick factor?

Baba Ramdev wants to emulate Anna Hazare's fast unto death on June 4 at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.

Source: NDTV
To what end, you ask?  "Annaji's agitation was on the single issue of Lokpal Bill. We have to take the agitation to the next level."  Ramdev hastens to clarify, "I do not have any ambition to be a politician. I will never actively participate in politics."  

On June 4, he will exercise his democratic right to petition the Government of India to take faster and stricter action on the matter of illicit Swiss bank accounts held by Indian tax evaders.

Famously and memorably, he advocates the death penalty for corruption offenders.

Side note: Taking bets now for (1) how long he will last (2) which media channel is the first to provide 24x7 coverage (3) which media channel is the last to provide 24x7 coverage (4) how the people and tweeple of India will respond (5) which regional politicians and union ministers will be the first to join the fast and/or visit the Ramlila Maidan stage (6) how well organized and well funded will be the Ramdev devotees accompanying the fast (7) what colour drapes Baba will wear - I like burnt saffron on him, how about you?

I don't pay much attention to self proclaimed swamis and gurus and godmen and television hacks.  So I join Raji Lewis at India Reloaded in asking, "Is Baba Ramdev a spiritual leader, a savvy businessman, a dispenser of Ayurvedic medicines, an aspiring politician or simply a yoga master? Will the real Baba Ramdev please stand up!" (P.S. She missed out vile homophobic hater.)

I believe this exercise in shameless self promotion this summer will go a long way towards answering our questions.

Times of India provides your first clue: In this 'Satyagraha against Corruption' movement, Ramdev has invited social activist Anna Hazare, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi and Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde. However, Ramdev said though he appreciated efforts of eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan and his son Prashant regarding Lokpal Bill, they had not been invited to join him.

What's the matter, Ramdev?  Nobody ever teach you to play in the sandbox?  Or are you just P.O-ed you didn't think of gathering and motivating and leading India Against Corruption first?


Magali said...

I agree that this seems really shameless. I have always disliked Baba Ramdev, he doesn't seem like a nice guy.

Pundit Commentator said...

Our gut says he's icky.

Manoj Dhulashia said...

Anna Hazare and his chela 'Agnikvesh' both are erited congress men. want any subject to keep on them lime lite. they are Anti Gujarati. and jweleous in nature with Gujarat. they are total Negative personality. if you remember 'on the account of Boforce, VP singh became PM' same thing will happen/and want with Anna Hazare. If he has guds why should he not goes against Congress. because it congratiusm is in his blood. and he want political leader by this mean. he is most currupt in this country. pl check his past.

Pundit Commentator said...

Thanks for your comment. I think you meant to comment on the article about Anna Hazare's visit to Gujarat?

kapil said...

it is all bull shit..... were he sleeping from 1947..... It is all about dirty politician game.  AH

Deep said...

LokPal bill is way of highlighting of India Media. because there is no future of LokPal Bill....

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