Saturday, April 30, 2011

Idiot's Guide to Empire Avenue for Day 1 Newbies

I did more than just give myself a pep talk, mourn Casey Abrams's exit from American Idol and celebrate happy wedding day yesterday (two kisses! woo hoo!).  I also wrote up an idiot's guide to Empire Avenue sharing my list of top ten to-do tips for Day 1 newbies.  Many people get frustrated when they can't figure out the site and drop out quickly.  They don't want to look stupid asking basic questions and they don't know whom to ask.  These people should read my guest post, What is Empire Avenue? at Wise Marketing, a U.K. based social media blog.

Update: Looks like the article is a big hit.  The Spring, a U.S. based social media blog reprinted it as well, with extra information and links I sent them.  Macmanltd, another U.S. blog, reprinted the article as well, without prior permission but with the full text and links intact.  They also bought some of my shares on Empire Avenue a couple of weeks later.

Update on May 28, 2011:  In light of developments at Wise Marketing today, I reproduce below the full text of my original article for your reading pleasure.

What is Empire Avenue?
Watch out Facebook.  Empire Avenue is the latest hottest highly addictive social networking site.  While Empire Avenue capitalizes on the very same human personality trait of narcissism, it takes the idea to its logical conclusion. Instead of declaring a "liking" (of dubious veracity)
for other people, Empire Avenue insists you put your money where your mouse is.  On Empire Avenue, you and I are more than just people. We are in fact, people-stocks. Strangers around the world trade shares in us on a virtual stock exchange for virtual profit.

Why should I join Empire Avenue?
People sign up to find out the market worth of their personal brand and social network. You can list yourself on a public stock index closest to your chief interest, for example, news and media or sports or weapons.  People build portfolios buying people-stocks based on market valuation of social media activity, common interests or personal connections.

How do I earn money and build my net worth on Empire Avenue?In chronological order, here is a to-do list:

1) Fill out your profile and upload a portrait photograph
2) Connect all social media platforms in which you are active - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr
3) If you have one, connect your blog RSS feed to get it peer endorsed
4) Go about your normal social media activities - tweet, "like"/comment, connect, upload videos and photos
, post on your blog
5) Join city, interest/brand and personal communities
6) Find people via the Search Function or the Twitter Index and buy people-stock
7) Market yourself to potential buyers
8) Reciprocate share purchases as much as you can within your budget
9) Chat with people as much as possible on anything and everything
10) Participate in Special Achievement parties, such as the Royal Wedding

Empire Avenue considers every single one of these actions and transactions as "achievements" and awards you points, known as the virtual currency Eaves. The more you have, the more you can earn.

This is how I met some truly cool people, learned new vocabulary (all newbies get "scalped") and raised my share price 120% by the morning of my sixth day at Empire Avenue, despite two days of inactivity. Try it for yourself. It's fun. But if you are a blogger like me, make sure you read the Terms of Service. You may not want to give Empire Avenue a "non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with the website".

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Syed M Raza said...

Nice Post Prasant.

Especially loved that Wise marketing post You have linked above.

You are right, most of the people leave it on the 1st sight, as they don't understand the anatomy.

Same was the case when my clients were first using Empire Avenue. I tried to simplify it with a blog post [ ], but was not of much help. Finally, I dragged them into the site and now they seems to be doing fair enough a weeks time frame.

The power of connection that EA brings in, is the most important part. And starting a first hand communication onto EA is always beneficial from my personal point of view.


Pundit Commentator said...

Thanks Syed. You can call me Pundit or PC. Please feel free to share my article with your clients. I may even do a follow-up next week. Please also help me to gather up and harness the power of the Indian connections in the new community, INDIA.

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