Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twin baby brothers talk - I translate, word for word, play by play

2-sock baby is a goody goody control freak disciplinarian planner type who likes things just so. 1-sock baby is rough and tough, independent, curious, adventurous, free spirited and finds it easy to go with the flow in life.

2-sock baby berates 1-sock baby for losing his sock. 1-sock baby is amused with his brother's choice of grave tone for such a trivial matter. He raises his leg and argues his foot is not hurting from the loss.

2-sock baby tries to drill some sense into his brother. 1-sock baby remains amused and gestures his brother to back off.

2-sock baby persists with cogent reasoning in favor of keeping one's toes warm in the nippy month of February. 1-sock baby just doesn't want to hear it and puts his hands up and waves off his brother's words dismissively.

Exasperated, 2-sock baby imitates the hand movement mockingly. Suddenly, 1-sock baby's brave face falters and he finds himself at a loss for a quick repartee.

2-sock baby takes advantage of the momentary weakness and goes in strong. He continues to mock his brother's illogical defiance of the science of heat. 1-sock baby does not like it and asks his brother to step back and stop invading his private space. "It's my life!", he yells.

2-sock baby continues to mock him, even turning to the parent to say, "Can you believe this numb-skull? I'm just trying to help him stay warm and healthy." 2-sock baby turns back to his brother for one final attempt to drum some sense into his head. 1-sock baby asks his brother to stay exactly one arm's length away from him.

"Don't you want to grow up to be big and strong?", asks 2-sock baby, drawing an imaginary boy in the air to show his brother what a big version of himself would look like, if only he would put on a sock. Thinking, "Oh, bollocks, I can't take this anymore, I'm going to climb away from this insane conversation.", 1-sock baby yells out, "Enough, go away, MOM!"

Stung, 2-sock baby doubles over.


Viva said...

The first time I saw the twins I figured they were modeling Mommy and Daddy, i.e. Daddy asking the question and Mommy laughing, shaking her head and pushing him away.

They're adorable, aren't they?

No Nonsense said...

2 socks baby seems like the neurotic one. Appears troubled about the situation

regina said...


I was going to post this video on one of my open threads, but I didn't manage to translate the conversation...

It's a lovely video, great post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely response too

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