Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why I detest organized religion

When I first heard this news, I was too sickened to read the article for several hours.  It's a familiar tiny hard knot of rage and frustration mixed with heartbreak and anguish in my gut.  I get it every time I hear an innocent died because of the deep disrespect an idiot showed to another idiot over said idiot's imaginary friend - take your pick on which idiot.

"Islam is of the Devil?" Source: Menno weekly review - Scott Camil

Internationally reviled Christian preacher Terry Jones who thinks "Islam is of the Devil" looks good on tee shirts and mugs and caps and book titles, sneaked in a Quran burning in front of a small crowd of less than 30 at a church in Florida on March 20, 2011, six months after he promised to heed six billion people who warned him not to turn September 11, 2010 into Burn the Quran Day.  "We will definitely not burn the Quran, no," he said on NBC's Today Show.  "Not today, not ever."

Predictably, this bait and switch act of incomprehensible and indefensible stupidity was met with a dignified silence from the Muslim community in the United States but angered many others worldwide, including the Pakistan government, arguably the single most important strategic ally of the U.S. government in the "war on terror" for as long as the American people choose to blindly bless duplicitous corruption with tax dollars from their grandchildren.  Sadly, it also provoked armed insurgents in a crowd of protesters in the northern region of Afghanistan to kill 20 U.N. employees, killing eight foreigners and beheading two. 

Terry Jones got what he wanted and what he knew was coming.  Might I suggest, he burn and rot in hell.  Thank you, suspended New York City Christian school teacher.  If I didn't have my own blog, I might be venting this rant on your crazy website.


Granny J said...

Oh PC I have been so busy the last few days that I never read about this. I feel like you do. I do not know how people like Terry Jones can live with themselves. Can they not see the link from their hatred directly to the deaths of other innocent people? I was once a Christian- but I no longer recognize any of the things I learned in the voices and actions of so many people today. A long time ago I came to realize that I could be the kind of person I wanted to be without any attachment to organized religion. I know there are good and bad in every religion but the hate just seems to ooze out from all of them.

PunditCommentator said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I've never latched on the religion racket and find it difficult to understand religious people.

magiceye said...


Tys said...

"idiot showed to another idiot over said idiot's imaginary friend - take your pick on which idiot."

kind of says it all, doesnt it?

still cant figure this one out...religion.

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