Friday, April 1, 2011

Be the unique you

Former President of India, nuclear scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam told a group of college students in Bangalore yesterday, "I have met 11 million youth in a decade and the most common factor seen in all of them was that everyone wants to be unique, but the world was trying to make them like everybody else."

"Be the unique you."

I know you've probably heard ghastly self-help quotes that sound like this before but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it better.  This is a powerful message.  This message puts you on a quest for knowledge.  This message celebrates openness, creativity and original expression.  This message demands free thinking, rumination and self-actualization.  This message necessitates clarity of vision, perseverance and gumption.  This message encourages peaceful co-existence and appreciative dialogue.  This message promotes curiosity, tolerance and acceptance.  This message embraces flaws. 

This message should be on photo frames, key chains, calenders, greeting cards, diaries and bumper stickers everywhere.  That's old school for #fourwordstoliveby to you Tweeple.

h/t ToonPool


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