Saturday, July 30, 2011

Government of India, Here: How May I Help You?

The North Block, in New Delhi, houses key gove...Image via WikipediaGovernment to People of India: Speak as long as nobody is listening.

Government to NGOs: Do your thing as long as small potatoes stay small potatoes.

Government to Industry: What do you not want in this bill?

Government to Opposition: You are the devil.

Government to UN: Have a cup of tea.

Government to World Bank: Thanks for booking my flight to D.C. I hope the hotel is walking distance from the conference.

Government to Think Tanks: Yes, I am free to speak at IHC on Wednesday.

Government to Consultancies: Is the power point ready?

Government to Academics: Do you want to do a study for the Planning Commission?

Government to Women: Stay home.

Government to Religious Leaders: What should I do?

Government to Voters and Taxpayers: Kthxbai

Government to Media. Come here, sweetheart. I have news for you.


badboy said...

India govt fuddu government jinki government jobs hai unko discounts and free aur dicsounts on bil or other facilities and which have a pvt job he or she paid everything or no other discount like as hospital and study so i never in favor of our indian gov.

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