Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Modi, Aarushi, 2G, CWG: Unresolved Controversies Fatigue Rant [Update]

The common thread through the headlines today appears to be my own reaction.

I can't say I've read past every single headline on every single twist and turn for the past n number of years on the Gujarat riots or the Aarushi Talwar double murder case or the 2G telecom spectrum scam or the 2010 CWG scam.

But ah sure am gettin' tired'f readin'th headlyines, said PC in her best Scotty McCreery impersonation.

What does one take for unresolved controversies fatigue syndrome anyhow?  The red pill?

Which pill shall I take?
Source:Adam Kalel

Cue Morpheus.  Yes, Morpheus, I know you can only offer me the truth and nothing more. You see, the thing is, that's really all I want.  And don't worry about me so much! I already promised Col Jessop I can handle the truth.

Com'on now.  Can a blogger get some fresh blood around here?  Calling all attention-seeking-hoping-to-get-caught potential criminal minds.  Now's your time.  You serve it up.  I'll read it.

Disclaimer: Really? I need to write a disclaimer because some of you might accuse me of condoning future criminal activity? Really?

Update: Just what I suspected.  Don't expect justice for 13 year old Aarushi anytime soon.  According to an U.K based expert criminologist's opinion on the Aarushi Talwar double murder case, (the) "opportunity to collect crucial unadulterated evidence was missed. Unless fresh evidence comes to light, doubts will linger."  Thank you for taking the time, Deen Najubudeen.


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