Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did Narendra Modi order the Code Red? I want the truth! [Update]

Police officer Sanjiv Bhatt says he attended a meeting at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's house on February 27, 2002.

During this meeting, Modi allegedly asked the police to go easy on rioting mobs tearing apart Muslim owned shops and residences in revenge for the massacre of 59 Hindu passengers on Sabarmati Express known as the infamous Godhra incident.  Bhatt was Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence (DCP) at the time.

Both Modi and Bhatt's ex boss, former Director General Police (DGP) K. Chakravarti, say Bhatt did not attend this meeting.

Bhatt's ex driver, Tarachand Yadav remembers driving him to and back from this half hour meeting.

Who is lying?  Who is fudging facts?  Is Bhatt credible?  Why did the SIT reject and leak Bhatt's testimony to high ranking Gujarat government officials?

Did Bhatt go to the meeting?  Did Bhatt go to the CM's house but stay outside the room?  Did Bhatt hear Modi give the orders with his own ears or did somebody inside the meeting tell him seconds later?  Same difference?  Not quite. Did that somebody misunderstand Modi's words?  Did that somebody fib?

Colonel Jessop, Did you order the Code Red?
Source: Moviedb
Did Narendra Modi order the Code Red?  I don't want to speak for all Indians, partisan and otherwise, but I want the truth.  And yes, either way, I can handle it.

Update. Days later, a jailed IAS officer backs up Bhatt's claims on Modi's anti-minority stance during the Gujarat riots through his own independent experience.  The plot thickens.

Update. On May 23, Sanjiv Bhatt named Modi and Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah tried to influence him prior to his deposition to the Supreme Court appointed SIT.


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Times like this, we wish we had a few good men!

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