Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Moment in the Movement: Beyond Lokpal Bill 2011

Detail from Corrupt Legislation. Mural by Elih...Image via WikipediaThis is a guest blog by 'SCT' in which he shares his thoughts on the India Against Corruption movement and offers a way forward on national anti-corruption policy issues.

The public support to Anna Hazare is not necessarily a vote for Janlokpal bill. It is an expression of wide scale resentment about the corruption that pervades all institutions and walks of life and has corroded the essentials of these institutions.

It is also an expression of disgust people feel over the inability and incapacity of the Government to take any effective measures. In fact the popular perception is that those who have to act are the ones benefiting from this sorry state of affairs.

The least Government could do was to read the mood of the people and present a bill giving more teeth to the Lokpal e.g. bringing PM and higher Judiciary under its ambit.

Also, the time has come to bring Electoral Reforms, at least those provisions that many Election Commissions and Law Commissions have recommended in the past.

Government must now introduce a bill for these reforms as the electoral process is the fountainhead of corruption.

The guest author, SCT, is Shri S.C. Tripathi I.A.S. Retd (1968). He takes an interest in education, economy, energy, legal, political and constitutional matters. This is his first blog, guest or otherwise.


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