Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lakshmi smiles on Lisa Blue

So, what do we have here?...an Australian spring/summer swimwear collection...
...professional models...cheeky, colourful, glitzy patterns and bold, stylish cuts...

Doesn't hurt to throw in the quickest surefire route into headlines worldwide:
Make a garment out of man made images of man's favourite imaginary friend. 

For the record, Lakshmi is smiling.  Don't believe me?
Click the photograph to zoom in on the pretty lady's breasts.



Mitasha said...

honestly i have nothing to say about this post....just "hahaha"...it was fun reading this one...:))

Pundit Commentator said...

Then I did my job right today. :-) Thank you for dropping a note to tell me that. Much appreciated.

Shilpa said...

I read about this news in the newspaper but there wasn't any photograph. These photographs reminded me that once a company also introduced designer footwear having images of Indian deities. And someone also showed Shiva as a cowboy with sunglasses and all.





Pundit Commentator said...

Pictures do help tell the tale. It's so easy to be offended when you don't know what originally happened.

Paparazzi said...

The model looks like absolutely suck like a prostitute…hahaha…….Maybe the Australian Designer Lisa Blue old bitch have a porn taste…..uuhhuuu!!!

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