Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you really believe Osama Bin Laden is dead - got proof?


AKRNC said...

 Thanks, Pundit, for the rational thought process you continue to demonstrate.  We have to continue to speak out against those who want to spread these ridiculous rumors about our President, military, and other U.S. organizations who brought about the death of bin Laden.  Those like Tania Palijo would rather question the fact that OBL is dead simply because his "wives" have said he's not??!  How preposterous to believe in these women who were so brainwashed that they would marry a man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people, including many women and children.  Al Quaeda would like nothing more than to perpetute doubt regarding OBL's death.  In doing so, he remains this elusive "boogeyman", someone to be afraid of, to have the U.S. and the rest of the world believe he is gathering his alleged army together to come after us en masse.  It would be in the best interests of the members of Al Qaeda to keep doubt alive regarding his death.  In doing so, those who would be hesitant to join those sick, twisted groups who wish to come after those who OBL have deemed enemies, may be enticed into joining to retaliate against his death.  Also, those who have doubts and think that the organization will fall apart without OBL, may be hesitant to voice those feelings and will continue in their desire to fight those who have been deemed enemies rather than upset their "leader". 

If the photos of bin Laden had been released, there would have been accusations of photoshopping them and in not releasing them, the accusations are against the U.S. failing to kill him and lying as if they had been successful.  No matter what we do, we will never please everybody.  President Obama has done what was necessary and has shown excellent judgment in his dealing with the situation.  Thank you to all involved for a job well done.  We're proud of our country, our military, our President and all those who rid the world of a true madman. 

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