Thursday, April 21, 2011

IRTC Passengers: Rs. 5000. Rajdhani Heroes: Rs.158. Good PR: Priceless

A fire broke out on a Delhi bound Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani train a few days ago.

Source: The Hindu

Luckily, German fire retardant coaches and quick action from pantry staff saved the day.  Passengers were shaken up and sans luggage but breathing just fine when they reached Delhi.

A tiny bit of cash compensation from the Indian Railways didn't hurt.  Non existent god bless them, the nineteen heroes weren't ignored either and will be bothered again with a ceremony at an unknown future date.

With one eye on Arunima and another on her predecessor's integrated security plan, I think, now, it's time for Mamta Banerjee to throw some money at a good public relations firm.

All reputed and qualified companies may apply.  Preference given to the ones that don't rhyme with Nadia.


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