Friday, April 22, 2011

"I'm not hungry!"

This is a guest post authored by EastEnder in celebration of salt, iron, iron fortified iodized salt and food, "yummy" food.

I like to eat strawberries and all kinds of fruit except banana.  I like to eat pizza straight from Italy.  I like English khana.  I like lots and lots of sweet things apart from too much candy.  I like sprouts.

I like bhindi.   I like cheese dosa.  I like plain rice and chicken.  I do like dal but not mixed with rice.  I like the chicken satay that you get in Thai restaurants.

I don't like ham and sausages.  I don't like burgers.  I don't like sunny side up.  I don't like the yellow egg yolk.  I do like scrambled egg and a little bit of omelet.  I love cracking eggs.  I like to make pancakes.

I know that food is called food.  I know that food is yummy.  I know that food is precious.  I know that food is as precious as a pearl or diamond or crystal. 


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