Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am Anna Hazare; Aaj Hazaron Hazaron Hazare Ki Zaroorat Hain

  • Soundbytes from Indian children, some as young as 8-10 years old:
    • "I am Anna Hazare."
    • "You are not alone. Every Indian has Anna Hazare in him." 
    • "We are with you. Together, we can form a great country."
    • "We want India to progress. We want to eliminate corruption from its roots. The masses are aware of what is happening. I'm sure nobody wants to be called a corrupt politician."
    • "I have come here to support Anna Hazare. I think he is a very good man because he is standing against corruption."
  • Soundbyte from Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan:
    • Anna Hazare deserves more support than the Indian cricket team because corruption is "infinitely more important and affects each and every one of us."
  • Soundbyte from a youth in Delhi: "Aaj Hazaron Hazaron Hazare Ki Zaroorat Hain." / "We need thousands and thousands of Hazares."
  • Anna Hazare: "Aazadi ke liye, yeh hamari doosri ladai hai." / "This is our second freedom struggle."


    Jyoti Narula said...

    Please sign the pledge 'I am Anna Hazare', so that Shree Anna Hazare movement is strengthened further. There are many more reasons why you should and must sign it. Read them all please.

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