Friday, March 25, 2011

India snubs Palin to protest racial profiling at American airports

Well, well, well.  Look who's standing up for her people, even if it took some high profile incidents with celebrities and elite dignitaries to draw attention to the matter. More power to you, Government of India.

Source: Palingates
So, as 99.95% of India's population (which works out to 1.183 billion people going by CIA World Factbook July 2011 estimates, if anybody's interested) does not know, Tea Party darling Sarah Palin came knocking at our door this week.

Indian weekly independent magazine, Tehelka is now reporting the American Embassy in Delhi requested the Ministry of External Affairs to accord her trip to India, to give a paid speech at the behest of a private media group, elevated official status equivalent to a central government minister.  The ministry declined as a mark of protest for racial profiling and unwarranted airport security checks for Hindus and Sikhs dressed in turbans and sarees, some of whom turn out to be top diplomats or anybody with a Muslim name, some of whom turn out to be international film stars or former Presidents.

With India, the second most populated country in the world, hardening her position in support of expatriates and citizens traveling worldwide, it's hard to believe the choke-hold of organized religion will ease up anywhere, anytime soon, no matter what experts say.


Owlie said...

Why would they accord her such a ranking? She is nothing but a private citizen. She is not a politician anymore. She represents no one but herself. She's not a declared candidate for the presidency of the U.S. Over here, she is seem by some as treasonous for the negative comments about President Obama and his foreign policy she made while overseas. She does not represent "middle America"; she represents a rather lunatic fringe group.

Granny J said...

I would say that they did not need a reason not to grant her such a ranking.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would the US Embassy request such a thing for a private citizen?

She also has enough money to hire her own security entourage - perhaps she should have simply video-conferenced her speech, since it appears she never even saw the country she was visiting, spending her time in her hotel room. Sad.

All that money, fly to a wonderful country, and spend your time eating hotel room service meals.

Anonymous said...

The US Embassy requested that? Wow, that bobble-head
sure has a high opinion of her importance. Huddles in her room for 2 days scared stiff of being photographed sight seeing. (Wish she'd go into hiding
permanently in her mansion on the toxic lake in
Alaska.) Comes back to the US & claims she now has
'foreign policy' credentials!!

Sharon TN

AKRNC said...

Palin brags about not needing a title anymore and that she's doing fine without it. However, it looks like she really wants to be treated as if she's an important dignitary. Hey, $arah, you're the one that said in a NYT piece that you're just a "housewife from Wasilla". Now, why should anyone give you special treatment considering you quit your last job? And the one prior to that, too. While you're obviously having a difficult time making up your mind, the American public has already decided and they've said, "thanks, but NO THANKS!" to your running for any political office. There may be something open in AZ since you're interested in moving there, dogcatcher in Maricopa County, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin went as a private citizen and should not expect any foreign government to grant her official protocol. They wouldn't grant Kate Gosselin an interview with with prime minister so why should they give Snowdrift Snooki an interview?

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