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The Day Conservatives4Palin switched to Disqus

A discussion with conservatives4palin

Here's a fun game. See if you can fit the pieces of the puzzle on c4p after they deleted my profile so that it looks like everybody's swearing at a ghost:

h/t The Week.

Welcome to India, Mrs. Palin. I hope you have a wonderful visit. 

I'm certain India Today and sister TV channel Headlines Today appreciate the boost in ratings and international visibility. Rivals NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indian Express are game for some fun on Holi weekend. 

Oh, nobody told you that, did they? March 19 is Holi. Better leave the designer wear at home, grease up your body and oil your wig. Also, watch what you're given to eat and drink. ;-) Holi is the only day in the entire year when it's actively encouraged to party like Charlie Sheen in India. 


Now, that's what I call a Conclave. Thank you for the entertainment, India Today!


Sarah Palin's favorability rating among Republicans continues to slide as the former vice presidential nominee mulls a White House bid, according to a new survey.


Here's a more detailed report.
What part of the methodology is flawed, according to you?


I don't worry about sample size because that is usually determined on the basis of a formula such as http://www.marketresearchworld... (see proportion, not mean). For me, it is difficult to put too much trust in any poll before looking at the questionnaire. When it comes to qualitative surveys, especially political issues, it's all in how the pollster frames the question and what response options are available to the respondent. 

I think you've hit on something quite crucial. There is a difference between editorial discretion in what polls to highlight (e.g. practically nobody advertises the polls that find Americans are overwhelmingly progressive on major issues - ) and the design, methodology and results of the actual poll.



That Feb 28 article, culling together the reaction in the U.S. by the Washington based foreign correspondent of Times of Inda is quite literally-i'm not joking- the only mention of Palin's visit by an Indian media outlet other than the press releases put out by the organizer, India Today.


India's got a gazillion other things going on, including cricket World Cup. 

I guess this particular "prophet" shall have to seek honour elsewhere.


I'm sure the India Today group would be more than happy to host eyeballs from the U.S. and other countries. I'm just not sure the outcome will be quite as honourable as the speaker might hope. After all, March 19 is Holi. People will be pelting each other with coloured water balloons and duping each other to drink bhaang. ;-)


This discussion thread, started by my response to technopeasant, is regarding Mrs. Palin's attempt to burnish her foreign policy credentials with a paid speech at a high profile annual news-makers' conference in Delhi, images and sound-bytes of which will indubitably be carried worldwide. Her TLC series, airing Mondays starting this week in India, while competently timed by Mr. Murdoch's staff, is immaterial to the discussion at hand.


Namaste exodus2011

Thanks for your queries. As we can see from miscellaneous comments on this page, you're not the only one to take an interest in me. However, you are the only one to address questions to me directly instead of various pugnacious sleuthing excursions. For this, you have my appreciation.

Naturally, I posted a welcome message by virtue of being in India. Yes, I have seen the entire TLC series. 

Have you?


I thought TLC put in very high production value and a couple of gimmicks for good measure. I thought Alaska is stunning and must be watched in HD and HD alone. As for the rest, put it this way. "Reality tv" is not real. :-D


By all means, please tell me what lies or distortions you've heard. I am, by no means, a Palin scholar.


I appreciate your response exodus2011 and apologize for the brevity of mine due to the late hour (IST).

In the short time since I discovered Palingates, I have come across the assertion that Mrs. Palin was not pregnant in 2008 with a great deal of photo and video documentation on the Palingates site and others such as The Atlantic and most recently several outlets carried new information from a mysterious woman named Shailey Tripp. I suppose nothing short of personal medical records will settle the matter conclusively and one wonders why Mrs. Palin has not released them. (Aside: But then, papers aren't what they used to be in the United States, for some inexplicable reason, as President Obama knows only too well.) 

Your second and third examples also sound familiar and if I'm not mistaken, I think several major news outlets including Fox News filed stories relating to the second and third, did they not? Alas, Mrs. Palin is in the news far too often to remember each story with crystal clarity without resorting to a search engine. If memory serves, I believe Mr. Frank Bailey's revelations did assert Mrs. Palin was previously unfamiliar with Africa and stories from 2008 suggested Mrs. Palin looked into censorship and fought with the town librarian.

Congratulations to C4P architects and contributors for building an archive of Mrs. Palin's record. It's good to know there are several non-government parties engaged in this activity so that all perspectives are covered for posterity.


It is not hard to separate facts from speculation. It is also not hard to separate emotional connection from objective analysis. 

It would be nice if there was indeed a coherent presentation of the other side of the story so that the story could be put to bed. Deflections and untruths only serve to exacerbate frustrations. In addition, there are plenty of instances when Mrs. Palin appears to damage her own reputation, through no external assistance, such as the ethics review following which she erroneously declared herself clean or the disastrous blood libel video or her death panel claim judged lie of the year by the fact checker guys (is it Politifact?) or the money she was forced to return from her legal defense fund because of ethics violations. 

I know a lot of people are instinctively attracted to her persona and now, her celebrity rather than her political agenda (sometimes, because they are proudly unaware of it). I fully understand the powerful hold of identity politics, trust me, it's a big part of politics in India, with language, religion and caste being the key factors. I just happen to be one of the neutral secular people who doesn't buy into the idea that my leader has to look like me.

Since I'm not the kind of person who blindly loves or hates anybody - people in my daily life or celebrities of any kind, I am not predisposed to be biased on a particular story regardless of whether we are dealing with proven facts, first person accounts or juicy speculation.

You'll note I never once said I believe things that have not yet been proven. You'll also note I never once said I don't believe things that have already been proven. 


And with that, at this very late hour, I bid you goodnight and wish you well.

h/t x4mr.
Update. More disqus discussions at the IndiaReloaded Sarah Palin log


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