Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah Palin's Alaska starts airing Mondays in India on TLC

Starting from the day she was picked as GOP VP nominee because of her gender, Mrs. Palin derives much of her political juice in the United States from her vapid, narcissistic personality-driven approach to policy issues. 
I implore Indian viewers to read any of the dozens of recaps and reviews this flop one-season 100% staged "reality" TV series received in the American MSM and blogosphere. In particular, I recommend the funny, sharp and insightful reviews written by contributors at www.palingates.blogspot.com, Blogger's Choice Best Political Blog 2010. The American viewing audience including celebrity bloggers at the Huffington Post like Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin called her out for the fraud she is. 

As former McCain-Palin adviser, Nicole Wallace told fellow Republican Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, the only one who can beat Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. She continues to self-destruct a little every day. You just have to watch her with your eyes open, not closed like the Indian Express reviewer.

I've seen the entire series. It's really really not worth your time.  You can barely appreciate the breathtaking Alaskan landscape in the background with all the shrill craziness in the foreground.


Anonymous said...

When Sarah Palin's reality show airs in India, she won't be doing herself any favors. The majority of Indians are Hindus. They respect animals so much that they do not kill them, even for consumption - animals are worshipped. Most are vegetarians. When Palin gets her high powered gun out and shots that Caribou, the dead-meat will hit the fan. She also flew hundreds of miles, in a private plane to kill that animal "for food" as she put it.

Indians are used to a certain level of professionalism and education in their politicians. Palin's fake-folksy fish cleaning, tree cutting, outdoors woman BS will not be viewed in a positive light by Indians. They view this as "villager" activities. Cultural difference. "Good-going-again" as usual by Palin - not!

Anonymous said...

Another problem that viewers in India will have with Palin's reality show is the inclusion of her young grandson. While North Americans may deem this to be acceptable, Indians are quite conservative (even kissing is not shown in Indian movies). Palin's unmarried daughter Bristol had this child out of wedlock. The parading of illegitimate children is not looked upon well by Indians. Palin and TLC really have no clue about international markets! The ignorance continues.

Anonymous said...

Indians hold motherhood in very high regard. Palin's need for self-promotion and the resulting perceived neglect of her special needs 3-year old child (due to her absence as mother, regardless of other caregivers present) will not be viewed well by Indians of all backgrounds.

The "reality" of her show will not impress people who respect animals, traditional family values and the important role of mothers in the care of children - all of great significance to Indians. Indians also value education and Palin does not - her "who wants a Professor of Law (Obama) running the country" - when a complete imbecile like her should - will not help either.

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