Monday, January 10, 2011

Christina Taylor Green

Just go with me for a few minutes.

9/11. Axis of evil. You're either with me or against me.
Lies. Brainwashing. Fox News.
Vitriol. Political debate.
Second amendment remedies. Constitution. Civil rights.
Campaigns. Cross-hairs map. Alaska. Arizona. Don't retreat, just reload.
Elections. Anti-government activism.
Vandalism. Threats.
Democracy. Town hall style public gathering.
Gun control. Mental illness.
Elementary school student government. Face of hope. Christina Taylor Green.

How can anybody either side of the aisle (by which I mean pro-gun nut-job right-wingers) refuse to connect the dots?

Denial. Denial. Denial.

Please, people, use this anger, don't forget, don't forgive, wipe away the tears, speak up, make it stop.

OK. Emotional rant over. Here are the updates

1. Mental illness not an explanation for violence. 
2. Reactions from the most well known Alaskan blogger banned from Palin public events.
5. If you want to take solid preventive action for the next time, one fact really matters.
6. Two Dems will try but don't expect gun control laws to move forward this time either.
7. Fox News CEO inadvertently admits he runs a partisan propaganda machine.
8. Barbara Walters kick starts the lamestream media Palin apologists march.
9. I love Rachel Maddow for her calm fact-driven arguments
10. ...and Lawrence O'Donnell for his legislative expertise
11. ...I predicted Jon Stewart would do a sincere segment on Monday, satire on media reactions on Tuesday, satire on the futility of gun control laws on Wednesday and then MAYBE get on the playing field by Thursday. (Check sincere, Check satire on media, Check satire on gun control laws, Check tough interview with rightwinger - 4/4)
12. The Young Turks explain what possibly motivated the shooter?.

My comment on HuffPo: 

I don't believe there is any one single party or reason to blame for the sequence of events that brought us what shall forever be known as the Tucson Tragedy. We can look at the role of the gunman's apparently diseased mind and drug use, his parents, his friends, his neighbours­, his college, his political beliefs and sources of informatio­n, easy access to guns and ammunition­.

If we are looking for the answer to the question what motivated Jared Loughner's angst with his representa­tive, I believe the Mother Jones story has the most plausible explanatio­n so far by matching his online videos with a group that denies the validity of the very existence of a government­, Sovereign Citizens.

13. A Timeline of Gun Control Legislation in the United States.

There.  Now you can use these resources in your next debate on gun control.  Huh.  So that's why people have blogs.


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