Sunday, May 1, 2011

Should convicted rapists be castrated?

Sometimes, Indian judges say the darnedest things.

Sentencing the case of a 15 year old girl who was raped for 4 years by her step-father, Delhi additional sessions Judge Kamini Lau called for a national debate on stricter and more effective  strategies to deal with sex offenders.

"This is a crime which requires to be addressed differently and a full public debate, with regard to imposition of castration (both surgical and chemical) as an alternative punishment for the offense of rape and molestation, is the crying need of the hour," the judge said.  "In my view it is time that we as a Civil Society stand up and also think of a law similar to the one existing in many developed countries providing for surgical and chemical castrations," he added.

Chemical castration involves administering drugs to lower the libido while surgical castration involves removing the testes or ovaries.

Could we skip the debate and go to summary judgement?


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