Friday, May 20, 2011

Second Terror List Goof-Up: More to come?

Flying spaghetti monster help us, there is a second terror list goof up.

Feroz Abdul Khan is another name on the list of 50 most wanted terrorist fugitives given to Pakistan who is not only not hiding in Pakistan but in fact, has been safely lodged at Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai since February 2010.

Junior CBI heads have already rolled but it will take a lot more to satisfy the national outrage over the acute embarrassment and credibility hit caused by the inept actions of all relevant officials from all relevant government departments and organizations involved in preparing this list.  As the news broke last night, the NIA quickly washed its hands off the entire sorry episode and clarified the 10 names submitted by the NIA are legitimate fugitives last known hiding in Pakistan.

Home Minister Chidambram better whip out something other than his trademark supercilious badge of arrogance this time.  I would not be surprised to see his own head roll over this, as Nitin Gadkari, President of the main opposition party demands.

Dear Twitterverse, Your hyperbole two days ago is now not.  You have my full blessing to raise questions and demand real answers.  Thane is still not Abbottabad but India's head is now hanging very low, somewhere around Tamil Nadu.  Somebody must pay.  Somebody must fix this.  Somebody must show some god damn seriousness about national security and the fight against terrorism.


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