Sunday, May 29, 2011

♪ Genry Gene - Trading Breaths

Welcome to Go Viral [PC Original Music Selection Club].  I was drawn back to young Genry Gene this week.  I don't think I fully appreciated this song a month ago.  The melody is jumpy and quirky and odd and the lyrics are very intriguing.


I'm from houses that cuddle in the dark,
cozy beds, spoiled bones, and sleepy phones.
I knew foamy white waves on the shore
that took out wide-brimmed hats on ocean tours.

Early mornings I swam across the brook
and spent rainy days with burning books.
I saw pianos give birth and friendships last,
but once I saw you, it was all in the past.


I met bums on the street, they gave me clothes.
We shared long melodies, and then we dozed.
I heard children clap hands for old blues bands
and blue people say, "let's drink today."

I thought life wasn't hard and then grew up.
Suited up for a job, got a pick-up truck.
"Coffee-drinker," they said, "go to bed"
But all I could do was think of you.

You're the name of things I see
You're the thirst inside my head
We shared the coat of night
Take me home is what you said
Bound tightly by the sheets
Touching toes and trading breaths
Fading out of sight, but not really sleeping


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