Saturday, April 9, 2011

New USA-India-Japan Trilateral Pact

The Hindu reports:

A Japan-India-United States trilateral — an idea on the boil for the past one year — will now come to fruition with all sides agreeing to discuss regional and international issues under this format.
“It was agreed to establish an India-Japan-United States trilateral dialogue on regional and global issues of shared interest. These consultations, agreed to earlier by the U.S., will be conducted by the Foreign Ministries of the three countries,” said a Ministry of External Affairs news release after the end of India-Japan Foreign Office consultations in Japan.

The trilateral initiative was announced after all sides had tested the waters by holding a trilateral naval exercise off the coast of Okinawa in Japan. The earlier plan was to hold a India-U.S. naval exercise under the “Malabar Series” near Okinawa as India wanted the involvement the U.S. Marines, who were based in strength off this Japanese city. Along the way, it was decided to involve Japan as well.

The idea of conducting multi-nation naval exercises led by the U.S. and involving India was given up after one attempt in 2007 following concerted protests by the Left Parties. Its partial revival this year did not give rise to much opposition.

Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao met Japanese Vice-Foreign Minister Kenichiro Sasae and Deputy Foreign Minister Koro Bessho on Friday and also called on Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto.

The Telegraph adds:

Sources said the trilateral dialogue would focus on discussing East Asian security. Countries in the region, led by Japan, have been apprehensive of the growing Chinese aggressiveness and have been pushing New Delhi to play a bigger role as a counterweight to Beijing. New Delhi and Tokyo, apart from their close trade ties, have of late worked towards deepening their strategic partnership.

Rao also held talks on the proposed India-Japan civil nuclear agreement. The negotiations have been affected by the quake-triggered crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

India needs Japanese reactors for its civil nuclear programme. “Both sides will continue to discuss the way forward for co-operation,” said the ministry statement.

Rao also clarified that New Delhi “had not yet taken a decision on banning Japanese food imports” in wake of the radiation leaks. The Centre had “suspended” such imports earlier this week.

As a one-time trilingual resident of all three countries, I'd like to take a moment to celebrate this news.  Well done, India.  Only good things can come of this.  We, the people, wait and watch.


brown_fox said...

Just hope that there is a shift in Japan's attitude vs. India - Japan has been infatuated with Pakistan since a long time, probably owing to US public position regarding Pakistan - Resulting in skewed aid and trade vis-a-vis India.

Hope Japan gets the drift, and aligns herself with what is right, rather than what is horribly wrong.

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