Wednesday, March 30, 2011

America is [gasp] liberal

Whenever this poll comes out every two-three months, the New York-Washington media ignores it with such pugnaciously irresponsible frequency that I had to bookmark it and share it with one and all.

Guess what? When you ask the American people directly what they think and how they would balance the budget instead of leaving the discussion at misunderstood and maligned labels, it turns out Americans are overwhelmingly [gasp] L...I...B...E...R...A...L on all major tax, budget and social issues.

The majority of Americans strongly oppose cuts to social security, medicare, education and other programs that affect the middle class and the poor.  An even bigger majority of Americans would end subsidies to the oil industry, cut defence spending and raise corporate and income taxes on the rich.

So the next time you're debating politics with your right wing nut job relatives and friends at the dinner table, throw this NBC-Wall Street Journal poll in their face and watch the fireworks.


Anonymous said...

Gooooooood post, Love CENK...

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