Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A time to talk. A time to do.

Anna Hazare - DelhiImage by vm2827 via FlickrWhile many are coming round to the view that a wider consultation is necessary to fend off a terrible government bill, Anna Hazare is in no mood to allow the government to waste any more time.

If the government does not show sincerity now, this situation is likely to spiral out of control. Despite appeals from Justice Hegde and others to stop his fast, Anna Hazare is in no mood to relent before his mission is completed.

Reminder: Anna Hazare is only asking for the government to introduce the Janlokpal draft in the Lok Sabha.


ivy green said...

I think the biggest problem has been the arrogant posturing by the
government from day one. None of them took Janlokpal and IAC seriously.


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