Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Lokpal a Jokepal?

A combination of Image:Flag of India.svg and I...Image via WikipediaThe opposition party took a stand today in favour of the inclusion of the Prime Minister under the ambit of the Lokpal. India Against Corruption is actively planning activities and events across the country for the first half of August. Anna Hazare and team reject the approved government draft which excludes the PM and judiciary. Arvind Kejriwal quotes media polls to demonstrate public support and explains the Janlokpal he envisions is equivalent to taking the anti-corruption branch of the CBI out of the control of government. Meanwhile, some continue to pooh-pooh the India Against Corruption movement. Are you ready for a fiery Pundit Comment rant? [P.S. I insist you take the time to peruse the content filed under "Anna Hazare" label if you are not familiar with my on-going reportage and commentary on the evolution of this national debate.]

My challenge to non voters commenting on Lokpal Bill: Take a look at my options and please tell me whom to vote for next election.

So, you rail against the education and criminal background of our MPs and MLAs but then harangue people trying to change the system? Useless hypocrites.

Who the hell are you, mocking and insulting Dr. Manmohan Singh everyday to tell Kiran Bedi how she should feel and speak? Useless hypocrites.

Why don't you fight from within the system like Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal, Bhushans and yes, even the NAC members do? All voters, all residents.

How do you think the NAC members got appointed? Whatever you may think of their views, N.C. Saxena, Harsh Mander, Aruna Roy are clean and honest.

Go read Kiran Bedi's autobiography. It's titled "I Dare!" WITH the exclamation mark. Do you think you could name your biography "I Dare"?

Read up on MSSK, Aruna Roy, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and the RTI act you all love now before you say "nobody can be that benign".

Speculative mistrustful ignorant cynicism will not get you 10% GDP growth rates and full employment either, you know.

Irony of ironies. You don't even vote. Explain your unshakable faith in the electoral process, please. Pfft. Ignorant, useless hypocrites.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has. ~ M. Mead

Do you comprehend the Margaret Meade quote at all, even an iota? It means doers gonna do and haters gonna hate. And you're a hater. Some idiots like the New York Times are still choosing to frame India's future as a choice between corruption and socialism. Haters.

Do you even understand why Indians are fed up with NDTV & CNN-IBN, suave as they are? We don't want sensationalist Headlines Today and inexperienced NEWS-X either, please. Learn the name Cenk Uygur. Go find out why he turned down a cushy job at to run his own truth telling enterprise on the internet . Why do you think sources programme ideas from ? In a world of free information flow, the voice of the people matters!

I extend an open invite to everybody sitting in Singapore, Canada, USA, UAE. I'll buy you an orange bar if you can find a politician on the ballot who represents me.

When you know what it takes to get a ticket from a party with a viable chance of getting elected, please explain your faith in elections.

When you know what happens to the stray non profit or professional contestants with no political links, please explain your faith in elections.

When you know what resources are available to whichever party is in power to shower constituencies with Rs. and favours just before elections, please explain your faith in elections.

It take decades to build up a new, tiny political party. What chance does anybody not with Congress,BJP & regional powers have NOW?

YOU think nobody is that benign. YOU think activists only want power. Did YOU ever HEAR India Against Corruption say they want power? Did you miss Kiran Bedi's tweet comparing the Janlokpal bill to a baby that has been safely delivered the day both drafts went to Cabinet?

You're watching our top 2 parties shame India EVERY F%^&*Iing DAY. Chal, aaj meri baari. Kal, teri baari. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR FAITH IN ELECTIONS.

JOKEPAL is right. Pal, YOU are the JOKE.

Harvard economist Dani Rodrik thinks emerging economies, not the West are going to be badass. Gee. I wonder who in India is badass? Clearly, you know very little about the UN-World Bank-Think Tank-NGO-Consultancy scene in India (read: Delhi) if you don't value people like Aruna Roy, NC Saxena, Arvind Kejriwal, and Kiran Bedi.

The equation goes: Regional media ==> policy. English media ==> entertainment. Give Times Now credit for making a mark and taking a lead.

You have the luxury of amusing yourself with the politics of my country.

You cannot change a system if the people holding up the system do not wish so. Work on removing those people today to change tomorrow.

Laws and rules are made to be twisted by man. Scams go on for years because government works on the discretion of the person occupying the seat.

Who is naive? The person proposing and fighting for change or the person holding out faith the status quo will *poof* change on its own?

You don't get nothing you don't fight for. Either help or get out of our way.

Thank you for lending a ear, and for your responses and retweets.


Vidyut Kale said...

Love it. Dil se.

I wrote a flurry of them initially, and then got derailed with some other things. Intended to get back, didn't. Maybe I should. Feels glorious to see straight talk on the page.

Akshay S Dinesh (ASD of India) said...

if it's the election system that needs change, then it's the election system that needs the change and not the fundamental nature of the constitution.

Ashokwahi said...

Jan Lokpal Bill of civil society may act as deterent but the system (Law) should be changed and people will have to stand against the will of the rulers.

Hemen Parekh said...

Jokepal   is  better 
than  “ No  Lokpal 
‘ !


It is about time that Anna and Kejariwal appreciate the
facts of life , viz:


Ø It
is far better to have a bird in hand than two in the bush !


Ø “
Ideal “ is what you work towards, but rarely achieve


Ø Whenever
there are two parties to a dispute , a “ Comprise “ is the only possible


Ø You
cannot “ take and take “ ; you must “ give and take “


Ø You
never know what will work and what won’t


Ø In
a parliamentary democracy , laws cannot be passed on streets. To be able to
change the laws – or introduce new ones – you must first change the law-makers


Ø No
human is “ All-knowing “; Even Gods made mistakes when they assumed human form


Ø After
waiting for 30+ years , people are tired of any further waiting for a Lokpal -
no matter with or without an independent CBI


Ø For
people’s sake , please “ Wait and Watch “ , without pre-judging



With regards


hemen  parekh


Jobs  for  All 
=  Peace  on 




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