Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Govind Tiwari Is So Awesome He Doesn't Need A Hashtag

Source: Govind Tiwari's Blog


Govind Tiwari said... is Govind Tiwari's Website taking his popularity to the next levels...

Someone tweeted a link to this blog with its gaudy and awful-as-hell design, not to mention his blinking photographs....Within a matter of hours, the little-known teenager from Allahabad was an Internet sensation.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Within a matter of hours weak pussies who can't bully anyone in real life decided to via twitter

Congrats, urban morons.

Ram Ji Mishra said...

Govind Tiwari is Latest Celebrity.
I have got some newspaper so I want to share with you.
Govind Tiwari will be in big boss according to is here





Ram Ji Mishra said...

But he had no any other website according to his blog -

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