Saturday, May 7, 2011

Supreme Court: Sahara ka sahara to Nira Radia over 2G spectrum scam probe crosses Lakshman Rekha

A two member bench of the Supreme Court sent a contempt notice to Subroto Roy for attempted interference in the Enforcement Directorate's 2G spectrum scam probe on behalf of Nira Radia.

Source: Supreme Court of India
The Enforcement Directorate informed the court that Sahara Media journalists Upendra Rai and Subodh Jain attempted to harass assistant director Rajeshwar Singh who is probing the 2G spectrum scam and threatened to unleash a series of negative stories on him.

The court looked into the ED's complaint of interference and found enough evidence to "take suo motu cognizance and issue notices to them".

Justices G.S. Singhvi and A.K. Ganguly directed Sahara Media not to publish any story relating to the questionnaire of 25 personal questions Jain sent to Rajeshwar Singh otherwise "someone will become a government guest.  We have respect for all, but they should know where the Laxman Rekha is," warned the bench.

Now that's what I call an alert and active court.

With the Prime Minister's Office and the former Finance Minister defending themselves from accusations of shirking their responsibility for inaction that knowingly helped along the biggest theft of the Indian treasury in history, we need the judiciary to step up to the plate.  The investigation must be protected.  Thank you for looking out for the people, Justices Singhvi and Ganguly.


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