Sunday, April 17, 2011

♪ Steven Katz sings "Where Do I Belong?"

In celebration of one month of blogging from India on matters universal, I give you:

Music: Steven Katz [Live version]
Lyrics: Jeannie Reed

This deserves to go viral more than Rebecca Black (no offense).

And thus began the official PC says Youtube Unknown Artist Deserves to go Viral Original Music Selection Club - we'll come up with a sexier name if you help me in the comment section!


GrannyJ said...


Pundit Commentator said...

I couldn't stop listening to it for hours. Incidentally, the artist is from Belgium, lives in New York now but has traveled through India and Nepal. I'm going to enjoy the new original music selection club a lot if I keep discovering artists like this!

@nimesh said...


Pundit Commentator said...

I like it.

@nimesh said...

This guy has got so damn sexy voice. Amazing one. Thanks for sharing it

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