Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anna Hazare's 'fast-undo-death' gains 10 million supporters | India Reloaded.TV

Anna Hazare's 'fast-undo-death' gains 10 million supporters | India Reloaded.TV

We have not said no to Anna Hazare, but don't hurry us: govt

  • Lokpal bill has been languishing for 42 years.
  • Anna Hazare speaks to a crowd of a thousand in Delhi (up from 40 in the morning); refuses to allow political groups on stage; public shoos away OP Chautala, Haryana politician and Uma Bharti from Jantar Mantar chanting "Nikal Jao"; Chautala smiles it off, Bharti retreats sullen-faced.
  • Crowd numbering approximately 5000 gathers in support, many also on hunger strikes, 42 registered on overnight fast in a private room, in various locations in and near Mumbai.  Similar scenes in 200 cities.
  • Youth will take a candle march in Central Delhi at 6pm local time.
  • Delhi theatre group, Asmita performs a street play; public sings songs of peace.
  • All India Lawyers Association pledge support.
  • Aamir Khan writes a letter to PM in support of Anna Hazare.
  • Anupam Kher, Madhur Bhandharkar are some of the first Bollywood stars to pledge support on-air to Times Now. Anupam Kher - "We are ahead of so many countries.  The only time we hang our head in shame is for corruption." Viewers call from Belguam, Ladakh and New York. "I wish I could be in Delhi."
  • Soundbyte from Anna Hazare: "Yeh dishagul kar rahe hai, logo ke.  Bhrashtachar ko lagaam lagane ke liye aapne kitne kanoon baneye? Ek bhi kanoon nahi banaya. RTI humne andolan kiya."
  • Soundbyte from Arvind Kejriwal, RTI Activist: "We have nothing against any minister. We want to name 5 eminent people, let the government name any 5 people. We will come back and tell you if they are not accepting reasonable demands.  Let the discussions be transparent." 
  • Soundbytes from public at Jantar Mantar: "This is not for me or you; this is for India." "We cannot take this anymore. We have had enough." "If not now, when? If not me and you, then who?"


brown_fox said...

Hi Pundit, thanks for covering this very important subject and the great personality that Anna Hazare is.

I have been to Ralegan Sidhi and I have seen first hand how one selfless guy can transform a village, a district and now, the world. Renunciation has its power, that no one can take away.

Thanks also for getting Discus as requested! One less step to get in touch with you, is good!

PunditCommentator said...

That's amazing that you got the opportunity to visit Ralegan Sidhi. Thank you for making the suggestion to get Disqus. I've managed to fix the font colour problem so drop by anytime.

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