Friday, April 15, 2011

IIM Sensei - The Japanese Professor

Ready for an aorta-warming human interest story? Bring a tissue. 

April 6: This Japanese professor returns to keep a promise at IIM

His house lies damaged in the devastating tsunami and quake that struck Japan on March 11, his 100-year-old mother is in a hospital in Japan, but 78-year-old Shoji Shiba is back — to continue teaching his class at the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata.

April 14: On last day at IIM, Japanese professor's mother dies

After class, the students and faculty came to know about Shiba’s loss. “There was clapping and the students touched his feet. The clapping continued till his car left our campus,” said Rudra Prasad Misra, a student.

If you're in Delhi, go kiss the Indo-Japanese friendship bridge.


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